About Georgia FTZ and FTZ #26

Georgia Foreign Trade Zone, Inc. (GFTZ) functions as a federally ­appointed “Grantee” with administrative responsibilities over Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) #26. We assist Georgia businesses in submitting FTZ applications and requests to the FTZ Board, housed within the U.S. Department of Commerce. GFTZ is a private, non-profit corporation with representation on the Board of Directors from organizations including the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Department of Economic Development, Georgia Ports Authority, Georgia Economic Developers Association, and Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce.

We oversee FTZ #26, which originates from the international port of entry at Hartsfield-­Jackson Atlanta International Airport and includes several FTZ sites throughout Georgia. Our primary goal is to facilitate economic development by helping local businesses stay competitive and thrive, which fosters local economies and keeps jobs right here in Georgia.

In 2013, recognizing our shared mission to help Georgia businesses thrive, GFTZ became an affiliate organization of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce. Our offices are located in the Georgia Chamber of Commerce headquarters in Atlanta.