Using FTZ #26

FTZ benefits are only available at federally approved FTZ sites, and the process for using a site or obtaining site designation has never been easier. Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone (GFTZ) is the federally approved “Grantee” for FTZ #26, a zone project serving much of the State of Georgia. In fact, the FTZ #26 Service Area includes 60 Georgia counties, and individual FTZ sites are located throughout the service area.

Basically, there are three ways to take advantage of the benefits available through FTZ #26:

1. Use a 3rd Party FTZ Warehousing & Global Logistics Facility (“General-Purpose Zone”)

The warehouse operator typically handles all FTZ related forms and reporting. The importer therefore realizes immediate FTZ benefits without the obligations associated with operating a FTZ. While in the FTZ, merchandise can be:

Stored Indefinitely

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2. Locate Within an FTZ Magnet Site

FTZ #26 includes a number of Industrial & Business Parks with FTZ designation which are referred to as FTZ Magnet Sites. A warehousing/distribution operation located within a Magnet Site can begin using FTZ procedures as soon as permission, referred to as “activation”, is granted by local U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Operations involving production activities must first obtain “production authority” from the FTZ Board before requesting Activation from Customs.

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3. Obtain FTZ Designation

For companies whose operations are not suited to general-purpose warehouse services, or those who choose to locate beyond a Magnet Site, Georgia Foreign-Trade Zone can request FTZ Usage-Driven or Subzone status on behalf of the company. Upon approval from the FTZ Board, the company specific site/facility becomes an independent FTZ operator within FTZ #26. Of course there are some exceptions, but the overall Application Process typically takes between 3 – 6 months.

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